Jumping Rope
om Ons heen
Frame om Ons heen
Tufting Together
Touch, fold, touch, touch
Lola Schot


Our body and that
IN MY practice I use creation through tactility and play to find the things that make me
(and maybe you) feel connected. The base of my interests lie in relationships between people and the connection to our bodies relating to their surroundings.
While making art, I feel my relationship with the material very deeply; this is a feeling a lot of artists can understand I think. I don’t want this connection with the material to be lost when the work is finished.
I want you (the person interacting with the art) to complete the art, because in that lies one of the biggest truths for me. In our relationships with each other we are complete, without relations we are not much.
Also in this basic longing of connection through art, material and giving the freedom to touch lies a deeper meaning: of giving freedom to explore and find new small perspective changes that can bring childlike fun of exploring your surroundings anew. Recently I’ve been trying to implement little suggestions of actions and language in my works to call on associations of little memories in the all togetherness of being a being and lean on the quirky and funny little moments of existence.
Touch, fold, touch, touch, again