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Hoe flora gaat
Breda NL

A walk through the Valkenburg park.
During the walk I read the text 'how flora goes' aloud. Consisting of a narratief around moving plants and other observations. The text is co-written with Jilles Feij.

The project De Expeditie was initiated by Kop and IDFX and accomplished in collaboration with the KNNV. The project De Expeditie was supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Het Cultuurfonds and Gemeente Breda.

Big thanks to nature experts Erik van der Hoeven and Aad van Diemen.
Roos Keetels and Hester Schuil who performed the beautiful actions supporting the story. And art collective Drift for letting me use their new space.

Also thanks to Ladybug Juice and Shanna Huijbregts for helping out with carrying and taking care of all the objects during the walk.

Photo Credit: Nielo Schrurs and Marijke Hooghwinkel.