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Destination Unknown,
Roermond NL

With help of the nightwatcher, the keyholder, the screenprinter you were invited to be the ceilingwatcher, the objectlover, the buldingroamer.

As part of the exhibition organized at the end of our 3 month residency at Destination Unknown.

During my residency at Destination Unknown I researched my connections and movements experienced from the body relating to the old Phillips factory in Roermond, first from my own perspective and later through the perspective of the people who used to work in the building through conversations.
All this translated in a site specific installation with video-work, interactive elements, sculptures, sounds and found objects.

Big thanks to the people who were very lovely and open in willing to talk to me!
To Destination Unknown!
And to the other artists participating; it was a very nice time in which you influence each other in the best ways <3

other artists participating;
Michele Bazzoli
Yeonwoo Chang
Ratri Notosudirdjo
Karla Paredes
Daan Russcher
Caroline Sarneel
Sjors Smit
Renée Stravers
Juliana Zepkaconversations 
Selection of
A small library of habits 2023
See the other part of the installation:
picture by Juliana Zepka
picture by Juliana Zepka
Video by Hester van Tongerlo
The videos in the installation: